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My daughter, Hope and I are venturing out into world with our two little pups and kitten! Well, the continental US anyway. We underwent a major plot twist this year and it led us to the next crazy, journey in our life. Before you join us on what I am sure will be a thrilling yet bumpy ride, here’s some back story.....

I am a born and raised outside of Rochester, NY, country girl. My dad had me driving a backhoe and quad before a pickup. My folks decided they would rather shovel sunshine and moved us to Arizona when I was finishing junior high. Fast forward a decade or so and Hope came into this world. She was born prematurely at 26 weeks weighing in a 2.1 lbs. Yes, the period is in the right place, she weight two pounds. The doctors said she wouldn’t make it through the night, the week, the month, etc. They expected her to live a short life of little to no quality. Well, she shattered their expectations! She celebrated her 16th birthday, enjoys playing guitar, horseback riding, playing Fortnite of course and you will never see her without earbuds and a cell phone. Typical teenager! She does use a wheelchair to get from point A to B. Hence the pun “Wheelin’ With Hope.” Needless to say, she has been my daily example of determination and strength.

Now on to the major plot twist portion of this story......Between the months of April and July this year, we left our house and moved into a bedroom at my parents house, went through a divorce, Hope underwent four brain surgeries, she started online school to help accommodate the millions of appointments, I decided to go back to college full-time for my Bachelors Degree, I launched a Mary Kay Independent Beauty consultant business and just launched Nomadic Cowgirl, LLC., a Virtual Assistant business.  I think that covers the major plot twist. I thought my life fell apart and I had hit rock bottom. Not that living illegally in a retirement community before the age of 40 isn’t fun and all, but I needed to move forward (Not in age to stay in the community though!). Light bulbs quickly started going off and as a family we talked about moving. Then I remembered a family vacation before our move to AZ where my parents took me around the country in a fifth wheel. I have a full, rolling craftsman toolbox, experience with fixing things and a history of camping. I got this. I immediately started researching and learned there are many single moms, disabled people, young families, retired people, tribes and resources to help along the way. 

Our recently acquired, new to us trailer named Hedwig, has under go some beautification. Since my Hyundai Accent won’t pull it, we purchased a Ford Expedition, named Luna (sensing a theme here my fellow Harry Potter fans) to accommodate all of the feet and wheels going on this adventure. Who knew my recent single income would take us in this direction? Join our journey as we make our trailer our home and figure out what in the world we are doing and where we are going!

Launched in May of 2019!